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Success in the car business starts with one word...


  • The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.
  • The state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.
  • The opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization.

We are doing business in a highly connected and competitive world, and we all know it. Margins are tighter as companies become more and more competitive with one another. Manufacturers are offering incentives like crazy, free money to finance, and everyone is fighting for your customers business. So how do you come out ahead and help ensure your success in the auto business?

Take Responsibility for everything you do, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

As the definition above points out, responsibility is taking control, assuming accountability, and having the guts to make a decision without worrying about passing the buck to someone else. So, are you succeeding at levels equal to your potential? 

If you're not, I would suggest taking a close look at whether you are holding yourself accountable and taking responsibility for your results. Even people who set goals can find themselves making excuses and passing responsibility for their results onto something else like customer traffic, the economy, the competition, price, or a litany of other things.  

You must realize you have the ability to control your actions, take responsibility! 

If you want to see great results in your sales career, your dealerships, your marketing campaign, your BDC, or anything in your life or career you MUST make a commitment to your goal/s and then take 100% responsibility to seeing them through to the end! 

Don't wait for someone else or some outside influence to make the things you want to accomplish happen, take action, MASSIVE ACTION, and hold yourself accountable each day. Here's a few ways I suggest you can do this:

  1. Write down your goals for the day, week, and month
  2. Create a plan of action to achieve your goals
  3. Take Action on your Plan and track your results daily
  4. Don't lower targets EVER, instead Increase Action!! 
  5. Take responsibility for the results regardless of what they are

Too many salespeople wander through each day, week, and month selling whatever comes their way hoping for traffic, buying customers, and a "Good" month. When they have a good month they pat themselves on the back, when they have a bad one they lay blame to outside influences.

This thinking isn't going to cut it in today's world of sales, especially if you want to stand out and be great at what you do in this business. 

You must take charge of your results, you must TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! 

As Grant Cardone says: "Be Great, Nothing Else Pays!"

Pierre Legault

Scott, this is music to my ears. It starts with Responsibility, but I also love some words you used in your text like Accountability, Action, Commitment, Goals. These are powerful words. I would add one: Believe. You got to believe in yourself. Scott, can I use this blog in my sales meetings?

Scott Larrabee

Pierre, you are absolutely correct. If you don't believe in yourself who will believe in you?! I would be honored if you used this in your sales meetings!! Thank you for the feedback! :-)

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