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Flick Fusion Integrates with DealerHosts, Providing Real-Time Alerts for Car Shoppers' Video Views

CRM integration elevates video content from marketing tool to active and actionable lead generator

Urbandale, IA--August 8th, 2016--Flick Fusion today announced the integration of its SmartFlicks video marketing platform with DealerHostsTM Technology Management Solution (TMS) 5.0, a hybrid lead management and CRM system. The integration enables car shoppers' video viewing data to be captured from auto dealers' websites, third-party listing sites like AutoTrader or, and any touch-point that a video is viewed. The data is then transmitted to the DealerHosts CRM in real-time, where it is matched with customer records.


Sales teams are immediately alerted to customer video viewing behavior as it is occurring, giving them unprecedented and actionable insights and the ability to communicate with a shopper while they are still on a website and looking at a vehicle.


"Millions of people watch videos during the car purchasing process, but until now there hasn't been a way for auto dealers to track and leverage that information in real-time back to existing customer data," said Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion. "This integration adds a new level of visibility for DealerHost's customers that doesn't exist in any other automotive CRM."


The integration of video viewing data with a CRM elevates a dealership's video content from a marketing tool to an active and actionable lead generator. Dealership marketers will be able to directly attribute Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ROI to their video marketing campaigns.


SmartFlicks provides access to the data and analytics behind dealership engagement videos so dealers can see how a shopper interacts with their video content; if they watched them, if they re-watched any product-specific portions, if they watched a few videos in a row, how long they watched and more. These insights can now be stored right in the CRM contact records, presenting the industry with the most comprehensive analytics tool and giving dealers the most complete picture of their customers, new and old, at their fingertips.


Once video viewing data is matched to existing customer records in the DealerHosts CRM, real-time alerts are triggered and sent to the sales team. If there are no previous customer records to match, a new record is created when a shopper contacts the dealership. The dealership can immediately send that lead a video email, capturing their data and matching them against their database.


"The integration with Flick Fusion's platform provides our dealership customers with a level of actionable intelligence they can use in their lead follow-and marketing processes, greatly increasing the number of lead responses and appointments," said Tony Ray Munson, CEO of DealerHosts.


The integration of video viewing data with a CRM is also a great tool for reviving cold leads. In a typical CRM there may be thousands of leads nobody has contacted in two to ten years. With SmartFlick's advanced behavioral tracking capabilities, the DealerHosts CRM is able to notify its sales team that a cold lead is watching a Flick Fusion vehicle inventory video. The salesperson will instantly know that person is back in the market, what type of vehicles they're interested in, and will be able to contact them with offers designed for their needs.


Based upon the data captured, dealerships can create targeted, behavior-based marketing campaigns. The SmartFlicks advanced video marketing platform allows dealers to create dynamic video banner-ad campaigns that offer specific messages to car shoppers based on their video viewing behavior in real time.


Behavior-based marketing technology uses web analytics, cookies, browsing histories and IP addresses to create user profiles of individual consumers. When matched to customer profiles in a CRM, dealers are able to generate relevant and targeted messages that appeal to individual buyer interests, and to send real-time alerts to the sales team throughout the entire buying cycle.


To see a demo of Flick Fusion's inventory videos and the SmartFlicks video marketing platform, visit Booth #243 at the Digital Dealer Convention and Expo in Las Vegas, NV.


For more information, visit


About DealerHosts


DealerHosts is a complete digital marketing and communication solution designed to simplify the many touchpoints a dealership has to manage with the ever-growing technology required to manage your customers.

We provide custom websites with many industry firsts and a flexible mobile platform that allows customization and ease of use.

Our CRM, or as we like to call it our TMS (Technology Management Solution), is a true mobile designed platform, allowing you to always be connected no matter where you are or what device you are using.

Our marketing packages make your data come to life with vibrant graphics, videos and images that will wow your customers.

Our (We Do It For You) packages are really a turnkey solution and our company attitude from every angle is to provide you with the tools, both software and services, allowing dealers to do what they want to do: sell and service more customers while we do the heavy lifting in the background.

Our goal is to give your customers what they deserve; great communication and an easy way to do business with you. Happy Customers are lifelong customers!


About Flick Fusion


Flick Fusion offers intelligent video marketing solutions to auto dealers, making it easy to create vehicle inventory videos, video emails, dealership branded videos and more. Flick Fusion's innovative SmartFlicks hosting, marketing and distribution platform delivers automated, integrated, rule and behavior-based video content in real-time across multiple channels throughout the entire purchase cycle.


With CRM integration, auto dealers can capture video viewer data from any touchpoint, match that data to customer records in the CRM, and receive real-time alerts when certain viewing parameters are met.


Flick Fusion's mission is to give every consumer a better car shopping experience. Video is proven to capture buyers' attention, build emotional value, increase organic SEO rankings and convert more website visitors into leads. Flick Fusion is the preferred video marketing platform of more than 4,500 dealership brands and partners.

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