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Flick Fusion Introduces FlickWidget, a Video Display Tool Proven to Increase Video Views on Websites

Urbandale, IA--September 12th, 2016--Flick Fusion today introduced FlickWidget, a responsive video display tool that has been proven to increase the number of video views on auto dealers' websites. In a pilot trial conducted with website and digital marketing vendor Dealer E-Process, FlickWidget was installed on the home page of seven dealership websites; including three Toyota stores, a Honda store, a Mainline (Buick, Chevy and GMC) dealer, one Ford and one BMW dealership. Over a period of five months, FlickWidget increased the number of video views on each website by a mean average of 155%.


Dealer E-Process featured one of the dealership's websites in a recent case study. The addition of FlickWidget to a Toyota store's website increased monthly video views from 237 per month to 877 per month, for a 271% increase. Additionally, Dealer E-Process saw similar results with other customers. The Honda dealership saw an increase from 464 video views per month to 1,616 video views per month for a 248% increase.


"We've always known that dynamic video outperforms static pictures of vehicles on a website, but the results of this trial really showcase the power of video as a website conversion tool," said Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion. "Car shoppers prefer watching videos to reading text, and the longer a customer engages with videos the more emotionally invested they become in your dealership's inventory and brand."


"With our customers' websites we find that sometimes there is so much information and so many vehicles to choose from that customers can get overwhelmed," said Dave Page, Owner of Dealer E-Process. "FlickWidget draws the focal point on each page to the videos, which are naturally more interactive and give customers specific suggestions, helping them to narrow their choice and bring them down the purchasing funnel."


FlickWidget offers each car shopper a personalized experience based on his or hers individual viewing behavior. When a customer visits a dealership's website, they immediately see an attractive display tool featuring several inventory videos, with suggestions based on that person's browsing behavior. With each returning visit, the customer will see a reminder of the videos they viewed last time along with suggestions for new videos to watch based on their individual interests and viewing history.


FlickWidget is an eye-catching visual tool that can be featured on the homepage of a dealership's website or on other pages, including Vehicle Details Pages (VDPs). FlickWidget can also be used as a banner ad on any website where the dealership advertises, effectively increasing click-through rates.


FlickWidget displays several videos at a time in a series of sliding windows that are completely customizable. The sliders can be any size or dimension, horizontal or vertical, and the dealership can choose which videos to display in the windows; including inventory videos, test-drive videos, customer testimonial videos, service department videos and more.


Flick Widget is fully responsive, making it easy for car shoppers to view videos on their mobile devices. More than 50% of car shoppers use mobile devices to conduct research prior to a purchase, and more than half of auto shoppers watch at least 30 minutes of video during the purchasing process.


For a limited time, dealers can try FlickWidget for absolutely FREE! Any dealership that signs up for FlickWidget can get the first 60 days free with no further obligation required. Dealers can find out who their Flick Fusion reseller is by calling (800) 247-2502.


For more information, visit


About Flick Fusion


Flick Fusion offers intelligent video marketing solutions to auto dealers, making it easy to create vehicle inventory videos, video emails, dealership branded videos and more. Flick Fusion's innovative SmartFlicks hosting, marketing and distribution platform delivers automated, integrated, rule and behavior-based video content in real-time across multiple channels throughout the entire purchase cycle.


With CRM integration, auto dealers can capture video viewer data from any touchpoint, match that data to customer records in the CRM, and receive real-time alerts when certain viewing parameters are met.


Flick Fusion's mission is to give every consumer a better car shopping experience. Video is proven to capture buyers' attention, build emotional value, increase organic SEO rankings and convert more website visitors into leads. Flick Fusion is the preferred video marketing platform of more than 4,500 brands and partners.

Mark Dubis

A great functionality that dealers really need on their sites to help add value to  the online shopping experience.

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