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Flick Fusion Unveils the Video Warrior Package, a Complete Turnkey Video Marketing Solution

Urbandale, IA—March 12, 2017—Flick Fusion today unveiled the Video Warrior Package, a complete turnkey solution with all of the video marketing components that an auto dealership needs for success, including inventory videos, test-drive videos, video email and automated value proposition videos. The Video Warrior Package is customizable and the video production process can be entirely automated if a dealership has limited resources. 


“Most dealers have tried video, but without the right strategy they tend to have limited success,” said Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion.  “The Video Warrior Package includes a strategy built right into the technology, so dealerships can be as involved as they want to be, or not involved at all, depending on their preference.”


For a limited time, Flick Fusion is offering special pricing on the Video Warrior Package that includes everything an auto dealer needs to implement and accelerate a video marketing strategy. “Auto dealers that utilize this entire package will see an instant uptick in website traffic, video views, lead conversions and appointments,” said James.


The Video Warrior Package includes:


Automated Inventory Videos. Flick Fusion’s video generation system (VGS) extracts photos and data from dealers’ inventory management systems and automatically creates stitched photo videos with Human Voice Over. Inventory videos are then automatically posted on dealers’ websites, both on the search results page (SRP) and the Vehicle Display Pages (VDPs), ensuring that the right content is where shoppers are looking for it. These automated inventory videos are then distributed to third-party shopping sites, including Autotrader, and Kelley Blue Book.


To create the best shopper experience, a dealer can display the VIN specific video and an additional four videos. “When a shopper lands on a VDP from an organic search, paid search or third-party search, it’s imperative that the dealer creates an emotional response in that shopper before they hit the ‘back button’ and return to their search,” said James. “By populating these four additional slots with value proposition videos, a dealer can see as much as a 300-400 percent increase in video views, along with a spike in return visitors to their website.”


Inventory video add-ons in this package include CarStory integration, CarFax integration and Flick Widget. The Flick Widget is a home page dynamic banner that displays up to eight videos that a car shopper viewed during their previous website visits. By tracking car shoppers’ behavior, Flick Fusion is able to get the most relevant content in front of the right shopper at the right time.


AutoFlicks with Landing Pages. AutoFlicks are virtual test-drive videos of all the newest makes and models. These videos can be used to create a virtual showroom on a dealership’s website, sent out in emails and newsletters, posted on social media platforms, displayed on a showroom kiosk and attached to VIN-specific listings for instant videos of new car inventory.


With the Video Warrior Package, dealers will also receive the bonus add-on of Flick Fusion’s video landing pages. These dynamic video landing pages can host test drive videos plus an entire library of video assets such as TV commercials, testimonials, how to videos, FAQ videos and value proposition videos. Landing pages help to build trust and increase the organic SEO value of websites.


Interactive Banners. Only Flick Fusion allows dealers to filter options to serve up the right message on the right video to the right shopper at the right time. Interactive banners are ideal for re-targeting website visitors and geo-targeting potential shoppers at specific locations, such as a competitor’s showroom.


Automated Value Proposition Videos. The Video Warrior Package includes automated value proposition videos for those dealers that don’t have the time or resources to create their own video assets.  Though these videos have automated content, they are creatively customized to each dealership and their location. Video titles include:


  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Standards
  • Fair, Upfront Pricing
  • Better Trade Values
  • Respect for Your Time
  • Our Informed Staff
  • Service: Facilities & Technicians
  • Service: Comfort & Amenities


“We researched what customers want from a dealership and created a series of videos designed to emotionally engage and build trust with shoppers,” said James.


The series of automated videos also includes a series of automated finance FAQ videos to answer car shoppers’ most frequently asked questions.


VidMail – No video marketing strategy is complete without video emails that can be used in newsletters, campaigns and the lead follow-up process. VidMail allows dealers to set up autoresponder video e-mails, saving personnel valuable time. VidMail also delivers the ability to capture video from a desktop webcam or mobile device when used with the VidCom App, Flick Fusion’s award-winning video communications mobile app.


The VidCom App allows dealership personnel to deliver videos via email and/or text to customers from one platform that dealership management can both track and control.  The VidCom App also enables live-streaming video calls regardless of smartphone platform, so customers can connect with dealership staff, whether in sales or in the service department.


Total Live Package. Flick Fusion’s Video Warrior Package includes bonus tools that allow dealers to streamline their full motion video marketing process. Whether the dealer has a lot service capturing their inventory videos or they producing them in-house, using Flick Fusion’s Live Video Uploader enables them to upload those videos from a smartphone or any other recording device, in any size and in any format.


Additional tools that enhance the Total Live Package include:


  • Custom Voice Overs enable dealers to create unlimited customized audio track recordings for their inventory videos, which can add both personalization and increase emotion with shoppers


  • AdVideo allows dealers to easily add any video asset to a website page and/or emails


  • Vid2Pic automatically extracts in real-time inventory photos from a video, then distribute those photos back to the inventory provider for immediate distribution to their website.


For more information about the Video Warrior Package and Flick Fusion Video Marketing, visit Booth #2032C at the NADA Convention & Expo in Las Vegas, NV. To schedule an appointment click here, email, or call 515-333-4337.


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