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Kia of Puyallup Increases Website Visitors, Video Views & Sales with Flick Fusion's SmartFlicks

Urbandale, IA--November 15th, 2016--Kia of Puyallup has increased the volume of its website visitors by 23 percent, video views by 500 percent, new car sales by six percent and used car sales by three percent since implementing a new video marketing strategy using Flick Fusion's SmartFlicks platform.


In June 2016 the Kia dealership went live with more than a dozen content-rich value proposition, customer testimonial videos and a video showroom. The store also upgraded the quality and visibility of its vehicle inventory videos, and integrated them onto video landing pages. The improvement in metrics was immediately noticeable.


"From June until now there has been a steady increase of website visitors every month," said Ryan Sawyer, President of Kia of Puyallup. "Our website used to average 13,000 visitors per month and now we are averaging 16,000 visitors per month. Prior to June, our inventory videos averaged 300 views per month and now they average 1,800 views per month."


Located in the competitive Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area, Kia of Puyallup is one of Washington state's largest volume Kia dealers and a multi-year recipient of Kia's prestigious Kia Dealer Excellence award. Sawyer's primary goal for the store's digital marketing strategy is to give the online customer a sense of what it's like to do business with the dealership. Sawyer believes video is the ideal medium to accomplish that goal.


"I've been interested in video marketing for a long time," said Sawyer. In fact he has been using Flick Fusion's SmartFlicks platform to produce stitched-photo inventory videos for several years. However, prior to June the videos had not performed as well as Sawyer had originally hoped for.


"The inventory videos were buried within the Vehicle Details Pages (VDPs), so a person would have to click on the pictures and then on the last picture there would be a link to the video," said Sawyer. "In some cases the videos were hidden behind a tab. This year I wanted to take a different approach and give the videos a more prominent position on our website."


In January of 2016 Sawyer partnered with What's Next Media, a video production company that specializes in auto retailing, as well as a Flick Fusion partner. Andrew Myers, one of the founders of What's Next Media, is very familiar with the SmartFlicks platform.


"What I like about SmartFlicks is that it's all automated," said Myers. "We create the videos and load them into the back end, and Flick Fusion does the rest. The pages are created automatically, the videos are pushed out to Autotrader and other sites, and the videos are immediately accessible from the dealership's CRM. We used to do all this manually but with Flick Fusion we can focus purely on creating great videos."


What's Next Media and Flick Fusion both worked with Kia of Puyallup to develop a video marketing strategy that included the following steps:


  • Upgrade quality of existing inventory videos by switching from Text-to-Speech videos to Human Voiceover videos
  • Ensure video links are clearly visible on every VDP page
  • Feature every video on its own landing page with a lead form and four other videos to keep viewers engaged
  • Create more than a dozen value proposition, service department and customer testimonial videos
  • Create a video showroom on Kia of Puyallup's website featuring all videos including Autoflicks, Flick Fusion's educational model-level videos that showcase new model releases


The new videos and marketing strategy went live in June 2016. In the five months since, Sawyer has noticed a steady increase in the number of website visitors, video views, phone leads, showroom visitors and sales.


"What's interesting is the overall number of website leads has not increased, but we have noticed a pretty sharp spike in the number of people who are calling and coming into our showroom," said Sawyer. "Many customers come in with a specific car in mind, especially in used. They are fairly educated about the car they want and the closing rate on these customers is well north of 50 percent."


Andrew Myers with What's Next Media emphasizes how Kia of Puyallup's video marketing strategy matches the store's sales process. "The measurement I would use is not hits and views, but how well the videos reflect the process and personality of the store," he said. "The goal is to attract customers with videos of vehicles they're interested in, then bring them down funnel. Once they're in that video showroom it's about flooding them with information about the dealership; how the dealership is part of the community, why you should do business with them, what other customers have to say, etc."


Sawyer is enthusiastic about the results. "The video landscape is competitive and we're not the only dealership that's finding video is important," he said. "Upgrading the quality of our inventory videos has proven to be a win-win."


The next step for Kia of Puyallup is to further expand their video marketing strategy. "We're fine tuning the process of how we can get these videos out and visible in more places," said Sawyer. "We're just starting to get them integrated into our email marketing, social media and every day lead follow up. We're excited about all the opportunities."


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About Flick Fusion


Flick Fusion offers intelligent video marketing solutions to auto dealers, making it easy to create vehicle inventory videos, video emails, dealership branded videos and more. Flick Fusion's innovative SmartFlicks hosting, marketing and distribution platform delivers automated, integrated, rule and behavior-based video content in real-time across multiple channels throughout the entire purchase cycle.


With CRM integration, auto dealers can capture video viewer data from any touchpoint, match that data to customer records in the CRM, and receive real-time alerts when certain viewing parameters are met.


Flick Fusion's mission is to give every consumer a better car shopping experience. Video is proven to capture buyers' attention, build emotional value, increase organic SEO rankings and convert more website visitors into leads. Flick Fusion is the preferred video marketing platform of more than 4,500 brands and partners.

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