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Improving Vehicle Detail Pages

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EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR - From First Search to Final Sale: Understanding Today's Customer Journey

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Rock's Rants: Equipment Repair

Rock's Rants: Equipment Repair

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When it Comes to Sales & Service, Don't Be A Zombie!

We have all heard of the ABCs of Sales (Always Be Closing), but I would like to turn that around to Customer Service – Always Be Considerate!

If you put yourself in your customer’s shoes and Consider where they are coming from, what are their pain points, what can you do to help… you will be a hero!  Not to say that you will always have the answer or a fix for whatever is troubling them right away, but let's face it, often times our clients have a hard time expressing what it is that will satisfy them when they are frustrated.  Clients may not need something urgently, they may merely want to feel as if they are heard, are valued, that they are not forgotten about.

As for the rest of the alphabet;

Be Dependable

Practice great work Ethic

Forgive your clients when they lash out

Be Generous with your time

Be as Helpful as possible

Rely on your Instincts

Don’t always try to Justify mistakes

Always be Kind

Listen to your clients

Be a Master of your craft

Don’t be Negative

Be Open to new ideas & approaches

Provide excellent customer service

Ask Questions

Be Responsive

Keep things Simple

Try your best

Understand the product you are supporting

Be the Voice of the customer

Welcome feedback

Have a hobby, like playing the Xylophone (just seeing if you are paying attention)

Be Yourself, your customer will know if you are a fake

Don’t be a Zombie, your clients will know when you are just going through the motions

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