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Preparing innovative dealers to have their best year ever.

The DSES agenda covers progressive topics in all areas of dealership operations.

DSES 2021 topics include:

Modernize The Sales Process

Come away with cutting edge insights on how to integrate digital retailing and progressive f&I tactics into your sales processes to increase sales and improve gross profit.

Hire and Develop Better Talent

Implement the latest processes that increase employee performance. Increase sales, improve hours per RO and build a positive dealership culture by investing in your people processes.

Build a Progressive Marketing Plan

Build a seamless marketing plan that resonates with your consumers today and discover the latest strategies that can be leveraged for both variable and fixed ops.

Increase Fixed Ops Absorption

Increase the efficiency and profitability of your fixed operations. See what top dealers are doing today to maximize the output of the service department.

Implement Agile Inventory Management

Acquire, merchandise, and market your inventory in 2021 and beyond. Optimize your new and used car management processes.

Leadership in a Remote World

Learn the latest strategies that leadership teams are incorporating today to maximize their brand, capital, and people in an increasingly online landscape.

Quality is in our DNA.

This is a training experience, not your typical trade show

  • Speakers are selected by a board of progressive dealers. Vendors cannot pay to speak like at other events. Get an education, not a sales pitch.
  • We invest big bucks to hire world-renowned experts from outside automotive to bring new insights.  Learn from other industries who’ve solved challenges we face.
  • Only the top 15% of speaker applications are accepted to train in our workshops.  Our quality bar is set HIGH to ensure you leave with huge value.
  • DSES flows from the 30,000 foot view of progressive trends, to 15,000 foot view of industry best practices, to the 5 foot view of the skills to turn innovation into profits.

Now Announcing:

Don't miss the latest additions to the DSES agenda

Eric Termuende
Co-founder, NoW of Work

Keynote announcement: 

One-Degree Shifts: Building Tomorrow’s Greatest Places to Work

The future of work may look wildly different depending on industry, size, and location but the one thing all great dealership leaders do is build a deep sense of trust, respect, and safety across their team. The question is: how do they do it?

In this completely tailored, engaging, and takeaway-loaded presentation, workplace expert Eric Termuende shares what years of research, stories, and insights uncover about the one-degree shifts leaders use to remove friction, improve communication, and innovate. From Domino’s Pizza to the British Cycling Team, discover how the consistent application of small, incremental changes builds tomorrow’s greatest places to work.

In this presentation, dealers will learn the secret of a one-degree shift to:
• Reduce friction and build trust
• Work more effectively with a smaller team
• Build a culture of innovation
• Understand your role in creating a ‘greatest place to work’ at your store
• Discover what cilantro teaches us about strong workplace culture

Jared Hamilton
CEO & Founder, DrivingSales

Keynote announcement: 

Winning the Talent War: How to Attract and Develop a Leading Team

Are great employees born or built? We all know how difficult it is to hire good talent in today’s marketplace. Does this challenge exist because our talent pool is bad or is it a result of the processes that we use to develop our employees today? As our dealerships are presented with new and exciting opportunities, such as electric vehicles, AI, digital retailing, etc, it’s crucial that we have the talent in place to capitalize on these innovations. What can dealerships do to attract and develop better quality employees and get them performing at a high level faster?

Don’t miss Jared Hamilton as he takes the stage at DSES 2021 to uncover research from today’s talent pool and show why the best employees aren’t choosing to work at your store. Jared will dive into what employees want in an employer today and how you can make your dealership more appealing to the top talent today.

You’ll be presented with a framework to build the processes that employees demand today and maximize the impact they have on your dealership performance. Learn how to attract and retain the employees that will take your store to the next level and win the talent war!

Carla Johnson
Innovation Expert

Keynote announcement: 

RE:Think Innovation

2021 presents dealerships with a unique opportunity. With all of the ups and downs we’ve experienced, are you prepared to capitalize on the rapidly changing customer expectations and sustain the momentum at your dealership? Discover how the world's most prolific innovators come up with great ideas that deliver extraordinary outcomes.

In this captivating presentation, international speaker and best-selling author Carla Johnson shows you how to recognize inspiration everywhere. You’ll discover how iterating ideas breeds unstoppable creativity and game-changing innovation for you and your dealership. You’ll learn how to rethink everything you believe about innovation.

Carla will be taking the main stage at DSES 2021 to help dealers today identify and implement strategies that provide sustainable value and gain a competitive advantage at your store. She’ll teach you how inspiration can lead to measurable business outcomes. You’ll walk away feeling confident to introduce new ideas, make good ideas better and instill a culture of innovation by everyone.

Dave Spannhake
Most Valuable Insight Winner

Winner: Most Valuable Insight 2021: 

Grasping the Urgency of Retail Automotive's Need to Strategize for the Future Digital Ecosystem

We are excited to announce that Dave Spannhake of Reunion Marketing will be part of the DSES 2021 lineup! Dave will be sharing the latest digital marketing opportunities that dealers should be taking advantage of to ensure that there is alignment with consumer expectations today. Dave is the winner of the 2021 Most Valuable Insight competition where he and other finalists showcased key insights discovered over the last year. His insight focuses on the need for dealerships today to embrace new digital outlets that lead to a frictionless experience that consumers today respect and demand.

As the winner of the Most Valuable Insight, Dave will present on stage at DSES and will expand on his findings. You’ll come away with a roadmap of specific digital outlets that lead to increased exposure among in-market shoppers. Don’t miss Dave Spannhake at DSES 2021!

Stay tuned for many more announcements coming in the next few weeks!

RideDSES 2021

Hit the Road with Your Peers and World-Class Cyclists During DSES

Don’t miss the eighth year of RideDSES taking place at the DrivingSales Executive Summit! This cycling experience offers a unique approach and blend of digital and management conference learning with on-bike/fitness education and coaching from world-class athletes. The non-competitive environment and hand-picked elite athletes make RideDSES unlike any other conference environment exercise! Rub shoulders with cyclists who’ve conquered national championships, world championships, Olympic medals and other International event medals.

  • Rides Sunday and Monday vary between 18-40 miles
  • Bike rental for two mornings
  • Participants receive goodie bag including full riding kit
  • Face time with current and former professional cyclists
  • Portion of each registration goes toward local Bahati Foundation charity

Sign up for RideDSES when you register for DSES

Who should attend DSES?

DSES is designed specifically for progressive dealers who are driving innovation in their stores.

Prior Attendees

Join some of the most progressive dealership groups in attendance

5 Diamond Venue - The ARIA

Only the best for our attendees

$10,000 Best Idea Contest

You read that right, we put up $10k for the dealer who presents the best idea.

Bring your A game and win big!  Here are this year's Best Idea Contest finalists:

Ultimate Consumer Engagement Solution

Converting website visitors to quality leads has always been a challenge. With this solution now more online shoppers convert to quality leads that are one of the top 3 total converting leads for all 7 stores at the Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships! Furthermore, these leads tell where they are in the process such as "just shopping, ready to buy, want to test drive"

Thomas Eggers

Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships

How to Strive During (and after) the Chip Shortage

Has your dealership parking lot turned into a sea of pavement?
Regardless of location or manufacturer, covid and the chip shortage have affected every dealership’s inventory levels to some degree.
For this best idea presentation, Ryan Everson is going to show how dealers can easily pre-sell their incoming new car inventory online plus acquire more used cars direct from customers.
Since implementing, his stores have received thousands of website visits interested in pre-ordering, hundreds of pre-order requests, and 40% more trade-in leads.

Ryan Everson

Garber Automotive Group

Heels & Wheels Ladies Night Out!

Heels & Wheels was brought about by targeting women, who influence 85% of car buying purchases, in the W-K Chevrolet community. Since 2013, one night a year 250+ women line up, 2 hours prior to the event, to spend an evening of shopping, car clinics, wine tasting & sending pictures of their "new" vehicles to their husbands - all while getting to know the familiar faces of W-K dealerships from ALL departments! The energy is unimaginable!

Kristina Marquess

W-K Chevrolet

Sneaky QR Codes

One way that Toyota of Irving utilizes a QR code creatively is for staffing. They place a QR code sticker on oil filters and air filters with the message, “Not happy with your job? Join our team.” The QR code links to a landing page on their website where the user can learn about the Toyota of Irving culture and values as well as fill out a form to be contacted for job placement.
The second way they use a QR code is for towing needs. They place a small sticker in the driver side door jam of every vehicle that says, “Need a tow? We can help!” The QR code links to Toyota of Irving’s Collision Center’s Google My Business page, where the user can call, email, or get directions for towing and collision needs.

Jereme Schoemaker

Toyota of Irving

Training and Talent Development

Talent is everything. Who you hire and how ongoing training is utilized makes a difference to your bottom line. It starts with fully understanding the organizational structure and the job roles for each department. Not leaving any area out of the training opportunities, Schu U developed a Master Monthly Training Calendar for All Positions and load 68 trainings per month, both in person and online. Schu U partnered with IT to Develop 40 Internal Email Distribution Lists, secured laptops per campus for employee development, and learned over 30 Software Programs to support employee training.

Amanda Schumacher

Schumacher Auto Group

Innovation Cup

Discover the best new products to help you make money with our Innovation Cup. Imagine a cross between American Idol and Shark Tank for dealer vendors.
Yeah, it’s that awesome. Here are this year's Innovation Cup finalists:

Streamline Auto Solutions

Experience higher sales conversion, more gross per deal, and save customer/dealership time.
Streamline Auto Solutions is an easy-to-use affordability engine, that helps guides vehicle selection for anyone at the dealership, by aligning customer affordability to available inventory.

Matt Lasher

AET Marketing Studio

AET Marketing Studio products are SaaS solutions to empower in-house dealership employees to create and deploy monthly digital creative and social media advertisements. They are a tool that is a self-serve replacement for digital ad agencies.

A suite of SaaS tools that empower dealership teams to take control of their advertising and digital creative. Built by advertisers for dealerships!

Jeff Gonzales

DealFlow by CREDCO

DealFlow is the ultimate (mobile application) in-store sales engagement solution. It is an advanced Credit, Fraud, and Compliance solution that facilitates a streamlined deal-flow, during the financing stages of the car buying process. DealFlow empowers your dealership to provide an exceptional customer experience, that makes car buyers feel confident, secure, and safe.

James Lawyer

Automotive Marketing Platform powered by VinSolutions

Automotive Marketing Platform powered by VinSolutions is the most powerful way to intelligently engage with customers and deliver personalized marketing experiences across the ownership lifecycle. Using proprietary consumer data insights, Automotive Marketing Platform enables dealers to automatically identify, target, and engage with customers most likely to buy—before they submit a lead.

Mo Zahabi


In the era of Amazon and Carvana, consumers expect a smooth end-to-end digital experience, for everything in their life, including their car buying experience. Over 70% of customers would like to get their auto insurance taken care of while at the dealership buying a car. But until recently, it's been difficult for dealers to easily add auto insurance to their process to address this need. By making a digital auto insurance marketplace available to customers, dealers aren’t just providing a more seamless experience for their customer. They’re also able to benefit financially.

Katie Morrow

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