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700Credit LLC

QuickScreen - PreScreen Solution

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Eliminate the guesswork when working a deal – with QuickScreen from 700Credit! What if you knew your customer’s FICO score and auto credit profile as soon as they walked into your dealership – or drive in for service? What if you had a solution to prioritize inbound leads before you pick up the phone? QuickScreen is integrated with your CRM, so it is easy to access, easy to use. QuickScreen gives you visibility into your customer’s credit profile before you work a deal!

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Last edited by Susan Burke on May 3, 2018

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Very useful tool!
Reviewed by Internet Director Apr 16, 2018
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: I think this tool is great. It's a free pre-qualification tool. They give fast pre-qualification scores based on very basic info from the customer.


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