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Implementing New Tools in Fixed Ops

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Put Your Marketing Focus on Fixed Ops

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2019 Q4 Marketing Power Rankings

Every sport has weekly Power Rankings so fans know who is currently the best in the league. They are also a great way for people to know who is improving and who isn’t. DrivingSales is bringing you Power Rankings in the form of quarterly updates. See what the most essential tools for your dealership are and stay ahead of the competition.

How It’s Calculated - 

Each product category is ranked in real-time. As new ratings come in they are ranked based upon the number of reviews, star ranking, percent recommended, as well as the sample size, to create a statistically accurate result. The rankings use an equation that takes into account the frequency, volume, timeliness, and star rating of every review. For example, if a product has great reviews, but hasn’t had a review in the last couple of weeks it will impact its ranking. This incentivizes vendors to get reviews from their customers. After all, people will willingly leave bad reviews but need to be pushed to leave good ones.

We have a team that verifies each review, so if a vendor is reviewing their own product it will be removed. We personally call every review, after doing research to ensure that they are indeed a real person at a real dealership. 


Without further adieu, here are the Power Rankings for the Vendor Ratings Categories for Q4 - 2019

2019 Q4 Power Rankings

Inventory Merchandising

Properly managing inventory will help you save time and money. Elead Inventory took the top spot. One salesperson said it: "makes my job easier." Another said: "the inventory system works so perfectly so we can search without going to our website."


Owner Marketing

Owner marketing is the best way to keep customers. These tools make it easy for you to determine who is about to buy a new vehicle. Elead currently owns the top two spots. Salespeople have said that it allows them to "target specific customers" and that it is "easy to understand and use."


Used Car Advertising

What would you do without used car advertising? These tools make it so easy to add inventory for customers to see.

CarGurus was rated the best with one owner saying that they: "Make a lot of sales through them. Leads are predictable and reliable."



Your website is the first thing that most of your customers see. These are the best automotive website vendors for Q4 2019. Dealer Car Search took home the top spot for with one GM saying: "Great customer support, fast setup; nice product and professional."


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