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Managing Facebook Leads with 1 easy step

Managing Facebook Leads with 1 easy step

Luckily for us we have this Facebook Market Place Listing partner Hammer cultivating FBMP leads during/after hours into appointments for us. They have real…

How Local Influencers Can Boost Your Business

How Local Influencers Can Boost Your Business

‘Live On Location’ radio shows are still a staple in Saturday morning car sales. It’s been an effective way of capturing an audience&…

Fast vs First to Market

Fast vs First to Market

In a business where speed wins, first steps can lose.   Reasoning being—the distinct possibility—like is the case in any race&mdas…

Powerful Sales Questions to Ask and Sell More Cars

Powerful Sales Questions to Ask and Sell More Cars

  Using powerful questions in sales is one of the best ways to build rapport while gathering important information about your customer. …

Ways in Which Automotive Dealer Management System Helps Boost Profits and Minimize Expenses

Ways in Which Automotive Dealer Management System Helps Boost Profits and Minimize Expenses

Although most of the industries of today are transforming digitally, some skeptics do exist when it comes to investing in an automotive dealership manageme…

Announcing the DSES Breakout Speakers for 2019



The 10th anniversary of DrivingSales Executive Summit is October 6-8 in Las Vegas. 

We are excited to announce this year's breakout speakers!

This year we have 7 breakout tracks covering your entire dealership. Each speaker was chosen by our DSES panel made up of the most progressive dealer executives in North America. The breakout speakers will help breakdown high-level concepts into tactical takeaways to improve your dealership’s performance.

Our dealer panel has selected 35 breakout sessions that will focus on everything you need to improve your store. The breakouts will focus on Sales Training, Fixed Operations, Marketing, Inventory, Digital Retailing, Human Capital, and Innovative Leadership. Each breakout has experts addressing modern-day challenges that your dealership is facing. 

Progressive Sales Training Breakout Track

A Better Bridge to Buying 

Super Session | Brent Wees, Joe Webb


Improving Your Sale Process With Incremental Thinking 

David Steinberg


Sparking Creativity to Emerge Better Sales Process 

Super Session | Jennifer Suzuki


Less is More Strategy - Customer Experience Starts with Engagement 

Super Session | Steve Roessler


The 4 Elements to a Winning Culture  

Super Session | Sean Kelley


Next-Gen Fixed Operations Breakout Track

Fixed Ops Digital Marketing - A Little Effort, Huge Reward 

Andy MacLeay


The Top 3 Differences Between Digital Sales and Digital Service Marketing 

Kelly Krause


Conquest Strategies to Increase Service Market Share 

Scot Eisenfelder


Finding and Retaining Technicians in Today’s Competitive Environment 

Brad Lillie


Meet Your New Customer, Maximize Sales and Eliminate Heat Cases  

Jeff Cowan


Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Breakout Track

Move More Metal With In-House Marketing 

Simon Heseltine


Don’t Be Basic! Stand Out, Catch Eyes, ENGAGE With Today’s Consumers! 

Super Session | Gray Scott


Lead Forms Are Not Dead: How to Turn Leads Into Car Sales 

Daniel Kim


Automotive Content Evolution: Core Copywriting Tenets Dealerships Must Adopt 

Dane Saville


How to Dominate and Generate a Mega Ton of Leads and Convert Sales Using the Facebook and Instagram Platforms 

Gail Rubinstein


Modern SEO Secrets: How Dealerships Should Compete with 3rd Party Lead Providers 

Parker Evenson


Do You Want to be a Marketing Millionaire? 

Eric Miltsch


Breakthrough Inventory Management Breakout Track

Driving Visibility Through Immersive Online Merchandising 

Russ Daniels


Are the “Days” of Days Supply Over

Adam Tobias


Applying an Investment Lens to new Vehicle Management  

Super Session | Brian Finkelmeyer


Inventory, Your CRM and the Big Gap of Data 

Super Session | Jasen Rice


Improve Inventory Acquisitions by Tapping Into All Profit Centers at the Dealership 

Robert Donovan


Advanced Digital Retailing Breakout Track

The Button is Only as Powerful as the Process Behind It 

Benjamin Hadley


Digital Retailing: Work Smarter, Sell More 

Super Session | Michelle Denogean


Welcome to the Convenience Economy: The Operational Impact of Digital Retail 

Joe St John


How to Apply Digital Retailing for Measurable Results Today 

Andrew Tai


Modern Human Capital Breakout Track

Drafting a Winning Team 

Jon Purdy


Recruit and Retain Women in the Dealership to Improve Business 

Michelle Blakeley


Level Up: How Career Paths Can Improve Employee Development 

Jason Volny


Stop Hiring Traditional Sales People  

Mike Anderson


Surfing the Blue Ocean of Expeditionary Leadership: How to Navigate & Survive the Car Industry Disruption

Super Session | Mark Brown


Innovative Leadership Breakout Track

Using Free Online Services to Build Better Systems Than Your Could Pay For 

Zach Hill


You Know Nothing: Navigating OEM Programs for Success in Your Dealership 

Super Session | Shaun Raines


Sell More, Make More: Strategies and Tactics for Making More Gross  

Len Short


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